WE068 Black Jack / The Belle Starr Story

Starring: Robert Wood, Rik Battaglia, Lucienne Bridou, Mimmo Palmara, Larry Dolgin,
Director: Gianfranco Baldanello

Following the robbery of a bank in the Wild West a gang gathers around Jack Murphy, their leader. Things go awry when Skinner, Reb, Mathias and the brothers, Bill and Gordon, realize Jack will divide the loot for his own good only. Furious with him, they decide to betray him and it is not long before they take action. They torture him and leave him for dead while his sister is raped and killed. But Jack survives and goes for revenge.


Elsa Martinelli, Robert Woods, George Eastman, Francesca Righini
Bruno Piergentili/Dan Harrison, Bruno Corazzari, Vladimir Medar, Eugene Walter, Remo De Angelis

The Belle Starr Story1968 Italian made episodic Bonnie and Clyde type spaghetti western co-written and co-directed by Lina Wertmüller and starring Elsa Martinelli who also sings the title song. It is the only spaghetti western directed by a woman and one of the few which stars a woman in the title role.Wertmüller replaced after a few days Piero Cristofani, who was at his directorial debut

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